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The Importance of Dedicated Technique Time

We all know the importance of working on technique and everyone has their own way of incorporating it into their practicing. I like to have dedicated technique time during every practice session. It can range from fifteen minutes on travel days when my practice time is very limited to an hour and a half on a full practice day. It really depends on what my schedule is for that day but I always make time to focus on at least one aspect of my technique. I have a ‘warm up’ period before I dive into any repertoire. It helps to prevent injuries and it sets up your posture and hand position/frame for the more challenging pieces ahead. I typically start with open strings, gradually moving into scales/arpeggios, exercises, and then études. This also sets up a routine which brings about a sense of familiarity that I can take with me no matter where I’m performing. Having this routine in place always gets me ready for what lies ahead for that day’s schedule both physically and mentally.  

One piece of advice I received from my teachers in the past and which I can now attest to: if you only have one hour to practice, spend it on technique rather than running through rep!

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